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Tally Prime
Tally Prime

Tally Prime “A legend of software” is enterprise resource planning software. The most efficient, Robust Accounting, with modern-day inbuilt technology for remote usage, mailing functionalities, integration, and customization capabilities easy to install and operate, cost-effective, and always updated with compliance requirements, in other other words simplicity personified.

The software handles accounting, inventory management, order management, Tax management, payroll, banking, and remote login and synchronization capabilities. It supports daily business activities from recording invoices to managing inventories, generating various MIS reports, bank reconciliations, Order Processing, budgeting etc.

Tally Prime

Simple to learn, easier to use

Getting started with TallyPrime is extremely simple. You can setup the application in less than a minute and get started with invoicing even faster. It just works the way you expect it to.

Tally Prime

Insightful , actionable & customizable reports

TallyPrime comes with a diverse set of readily available business reports with powerful and actionable insights, helping you make informed decisions for your business growth. Be it business relationships, cash or inventory, these reports will help you manage all these aspects better with extremely easy discovery and navigation.

Tally Prime

Anywhere, anytime and secure access

With TallyPrime, you can access business reports from web browser, wherever you are, and with the promise that your data is available only to you. This comes along with multiple user and feature based security levels. And an additional layer of security called TallyVault, that ensures encryption which no one in the world can break, not even us at Tally.

Tally Prime Products


Single user edition
For Standalone PCs


Unlimited multi-user edition
For multiple PCs on LAN environment